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Flowers Cement Primer Exterior

FLOWERS PAINTS EXTERIOR CEMENT PRIMER is an alkali resistant, high quality special acrylic emulsion primer for masonry surfaces. It has excellent adhesion to the surface and has good penetrating property. It provides an excellent base for subsequent coats. It is a water based exterior primer with excellent alkali resistance. It contains anti fungal and anti bacterial additives.
Recommended Uses
As an alkali resistant penetrating primer for exterior surfaces such as cement plasters, concrete and brick works. Prior to apply, suitable surface preparation is needed.FLOWERS PAINS EXTERIOR CEMENT PRIMER can also be used for surfaces like wood, asbestos, and gypsums. Highly recommended as an essential primer for flowers ppaints series of topcoats. The surfaces should be dry and free from any contamination prior to primer application.
Technical Data
Colour White
Finish Smooth & Matt
Volume Soild 34 +/- 2 %
Specific Gravity 1.45 +/-0.02
Wetopacity 8 to 10 Squaremeter/ltr
Dry Flim Thicknes 30-35 microns
Flash Point Waterbase no flash point
Drying Time
Surface dry 15 -30 minutes
Recoat interval 2-3 hours
Full Dry 5 hours
Excellent alkali resistance, excellent adhesion to surfaces, good penetration, excellent base coat for subsequent coats, suitable for exterior surfaces, special acrylic based binder, good coverage.
Surface Preparation
Before application, the surface should be sound, clean and free from oil, grease, loose particles, dust, etc. Application can be done by the recommended application methods.
Application Procedure
Application Method Brush,Roller,Spray
Thinning Method 15 -20 % by Volume
Pot Life Not Applicable
Self Life
Self life @ 30 deg 18 months, in original sealed container, with proper storage conditions.
Health & Safety
Generally, most of the water base paints are quite safe to handle with due precautions. As a general rule, avoid skin and eye contact by wearing overalls, gloves, goggles, and mask etc. Spillage on skin should immediately be removed by thorough washing with water and soap or suitable cleaner. Eye should be flushed with fresh water. Avoid inhalation of vapours and paint mist by wearing suitable mask. In the event of ingestion and eye contact, seek medical attention immediately. Painting must be carried out in well-ventilated area. Local safety regulations to be followed.